…is the noni or Indian mulberry [Morinda tinctoria/citrifolia], an evergreen shrub. Its root bark is used for dyeing fabric in various shades of red, chocolate and purple. 

From Hin: आल aal

  • ‘Al or aal: it is used in giving a permanent red colour to the native cotton cloth called khurwa, which is much worn by the water-carriers of India.’ [Thomas Croxen Archer, First Steps in Economic Botany p 133. Lovell Reeve, 1854].
  • Aal (Morinda citrifolia) dyed, handloom woven textiles used mainly as sari by the women of the tribal societies and as turban or shoulder cloth by their men.’ [Sudha Dhingra, ‘Dyeing with Morinda Citrifolia: In Pursuit of Sustainable Future’. Textile Society of America Symposium Proceedings, 957, 2018].


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